Why Should You Consider Sage Select
Fixed Indexed Single Premium Deferred Annuity?

Saving wisely for the future requires diversity. Traditional savings plans may guarantee principal and a fixed rate of return. Investments such as mutual funds offer greater potential returns but also greater risk of market volatility and loss of principal.

Sagicor’s Sage Select Fixed Indexed Single Premium Deferred Annuity provides an opportunity to benefit from an upturn in the market while protecting your premium and credited interest when the market is down.

  4% Bonus on the single premium (100% vested day 1)
  Opportunity for growth potential and protection from a downturn in the market
  Control and access to your money for emergencies and opportunities through withdrawals1
  Distinct and globally diverse index choices
  Available from Age 15 days to 85 years (applies to both Owner and Annuitant)
  $2,000 minimum premium (Qualified and Non-Qualified)
  Easy eApplication option availability


1 Withdrawal of any part of the value in your annuity prior to age 59½ may be subject to tax penalties.


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